How To Get A 100% Legitimate Psychic Reading And Avoid Scams

At times, life can feel a lot like walking around in a dark room full of obstacles. Every once in a while, a light flickers on to light your path, but more often than not, it’s all about trying not to trip and fall. If you need a little extra help navigating, you’re certainly not alone..

Talented and gifted psychics can act as lanterns, shining light on various areas of your life – from your career and business issues to your love life and so much more. However, it can be difficult to determine who to trust to find this help. Finding the best psychic is essential, so doing a little research can set you up for success with a real psychic.

Psychic Scams to Avoid

Before seeking out a psychic advisor, you should know what kinds of scams are out there and what you should avoid. While most psychics are genuinely talented with a desire to help others, the occasional scammer does get thrown into the mix. Just like with every industry, there are those who couldn’t care less about others and just want to make the almighty dollar. Here are some common signs of an online psychic scam:

  • Detail Fishing – a legitimate psychic will need to know some information in order to read you properly and provide you with any messages from your spirit guides or the other side. However, psychics will not go “detail fishing.” This means that a person is asking personal questions and making comments in an attempt to get information from you that they can use to provide you with a fake reading. This might include leading questions or what sounds a lot like guesses.
  • Cookie Cutter Readings – another sign of a scammer is a cookie-cutter reading, called this because the readings are a lot like cookies made from the same cookie cutter. In fact, with this type of psychic reading, it will sound like it could be applied to anyone of the same sex as you. “You’re going to meet a very handsome man who will want to get to know you better. I see a positive change in your career in the next six months. You’ll have a little fight with your friend but you’ll soon learn to see eye to eye.”
  • You Are Cursed – one of the most common (and abhorrent) psychic scams is where the psychic reveals that you’ve been cursed by an ex lover, an ex best friend, a jealous family member, etc. Over a series of sessions, the psychic reader can surely remove the curse, provided they perform a magical spell that will rid you of the dangerous negativity surrounding you. This is simply a ploy to make more money from you by scaring you into future sessions. A talented and authentic psychic secures your loyalty through truth, not scare tactics.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to move on to a genuine psychic who sincerely wants to help you.

Best Companies That Offer 100% Authentic Psychic Readings

We’ve reviewed the most popular psychic networks out there, and have given them ratings based on the quality level, the price, past customer feedback and more. Below are our #1 and #2 picks; the ones we feel are top-notch and meet our high standards of service.

#1 – Ask Now

asknowThere are several things that make Ask Now a wonderful choice for finding psychic guidance, with one of the most important being the number of options you have. They have a large number of online psychics in their network, and you can choose the one you want. If there’s a psychic whose profile speaks to you more than the others, you can easily connect with that particular psychic by phone or online chat. This method allows you to speak to someone you trust and feel comfortable with, which is essential when you’re seeking psychic assistance.

Another important reason that Asknow has been rated #1 is the level of transparency. You can quickly and easily see the level of satisfaction past customers have for any specific psychic. If a customer was highly pleased, you can see the review on the Asknow website inside of the psychic’s profile page. If a customer wasn’t too impressed, you can also see that review on the website. This gives you the ability to make an informed and educated choice as to whether you will utilize the service or not.

AskNow understands that it can be difficult to decide which psychic service to go with. That’s why they offer you the option of asking a free question to start. This will give you a little insight into how the service works and will help you determine which psychic is perfect for your situation. Overall, AskNow meets our high standards, from providing customers with plenty of options to the transparency of their service and professionals.

#2 – Psychic Source

psychic sourcePsychic Source is our #2 rated psychic network, and offers a variety of benefits for those who want to connect with a qualified psychic. Like Asknow, they have a large selection of psychics available and each of them goes through a very thorough screening process. You’ll never feel like you’re speaking to someone who is just trying to make a few extra bucks on the side. That’s because each of Psychic Source’s professionals are highly gifted and experienced at helping people better understand certain aspects of their lives.

They also offer up a lot of options. Pick the psychic you feel most comfortable with, or the one you have the strongest connection to after taking a look at the profiles. You can also choose whether you’d like to speak on the phone with the psychic or simply chat with them online. This is very convenient, and an option all psychic websites should allow. This allows you to receive discreet readings when speaking on the phone isn’t an option. You can also check the past customer reviews for each psychic on their profile.

Psychic Source is an affordable service as well, with $1 per minute charges, making it easy for you to address all of the issues that are bothering you and ask all the questions you want to without watching the clock continuously.

The Choice Is Yours

Each of these services is highly recommended for those who want answers concerning their love lives, their careers, family and more. Before joining calling any psychic hotline, be sure to look for high quality and talented individuals and the high standard of service that these top-rated psychic websites provide.

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